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How do i purchase a Memoride license

You can choose the license best suited to your organisation's need on the pricing page. There you can select the license that most interests you. Click the button and you will be directed to the product page of this license. There you can select how many licenses you need and your prefered way of payment - either monthly or yearly.

What is included in the purchase of a license

Included in all licenses is the right to acces the Memoride platform. Depending on the type of license you get more, or less cycling time or KM and more or less freedom while using the platform.

Always included in any type of license is the movement sensor .Which is shipped to you for free after the purchase is made.
If you choose a PREMIUM subscription, included in the license are a tablet with the Memoride platform installed as an app, the motion sensor, a tablet holder, a Memoride bag and a wireless connector to connect the tablet via bluetooth to a larger screen

How long is my license valid

All licenses are purchased for 1 year. Either payed in monthly installments or paid in full for a year. Subscription cancellations can be done at any time after the first year.

Can I use my own routes multiple times, or can I use it only once with the credits I get in my license

Memoride can be purchased with or without the hardware. When purchasing the hardware, you can build a "cached" database. This means that you can create own routes or select existing routes and use them as many times as you like, after the first purchase. If you do not buy the Memoride tablet, you do not get acces to a database, and you will always have to pay with KM(credits) for the original route For example: License START - 12,5Km/ (50minutes) month cycling credits You create a route of 5km - these KM's are deducted from your monthly cycling credits You have used up 5Km and have 7,5Km left. With the Memoride hardware, you can put this route into it's database - this means that after the first deduction of 5km off of the 12,5km/month credits, this route becomes "Free". Meaning next month this route can be used, without a deduction of 5km credit off of your monthly credits. As such over time with the Memoride tablet, you can create a "Free" cycling database of 100's of free personalised routes.

Where do I find set-up instructions?

You can find video's, instruction manuals and more here on the help and instructions page.