Cycling through your past, Anytime, anywhere


The Platform


Memoride Technology is based on Google street view.


We use google images from around the world, through our connected interface. Our entire platform is based in the cloud, giving easy access from anywhere in the world. The choice of routes are virtually endless.


Do you want to cycle through an old neighbourhood? Or do you want to explore Times Square? Or maybe go for a ride along the coast of Malta. Anything is possible with the Memoride virtual cycling program

The Tablet

Simply login to our platform. You can use your own hardware such as a laptop or our native android application coupled with our hardware - the Lenovo tablet.

After logging in, you can  start creating unique cycling experiences, by easily making custom routes that span the world.  Or choose from one of many ready-to cycle routes, updated regularly to add new scenery such as the Tour the France, or the Giro.

laptop mr.png

Follow one of our many training videos to easily install, set-up and use Memoride. And start creating those unique experiences for the elderly in your care!


The movement sensor


Our proprietary movement sensor, works in sync with the Memoride platform, adding an extra dimension of realisme to the experience.

Simply attach the sensor to the pedal of the trainings instrument, and easily connect via bluetooth to the tablet with our app installed.

The movement sensor "detects" the motion of pedals, and translates a constant rate of speed to the platform, moving the user through the virtual cycling environment!

Add-on hardware


Included in the hardware package, are a microsoft wireless casting dongle and a tablet holder

The Millenium tablet holder is an easy to mount piece of equipment, that ensures a safe use of the Memoride software on any surface or cycling equipment.

The microsoft wireless casting dongle, 
makes for an easy to connect bluetooth signal to a larger screen or television.