All Care, All the time

Introducing Memoride Flex.  The flexible solution for organisations. 

Flexibility for smaller groups in care

Multiple Users

With Flex, your organisation has acces the Memoride platform and the freedom to create up to 5 users. Perfect for your team to make personal profile for their patients in care. 

Create and save own routes

Create and save as many personalised routes for the elderly in your care. Or have them make it themselves, intuitive and easy. choose to get the Memoride tablet, and create a database with the 100 minutes of cycling time per month.

100 minutes as credits per month

Included in the Flex plan are 100 minutes as credits to cycle, renewed every month. Not enough? buy extra credits or upgrade anytime. Choose to get the Memoride Hardware and save routes with your credits, that become free to use in the database of the tablet, after the first time it has been cycled.

300+ preset routes

Acces to over 300 premade routes. from Tour de france and popular destinations, to popular routes shared by other Memoride users

Sensor included, hardware optional

The Memoride Flex plan, allows for the choice of using our hardware. We supply the sensor. link it to your own android tablet and download the Memoride app, or buy the hardware pack with Memoride tablet, wireless connector for larger screens, tabletholder and Memoride satchel.

VIP support

Have questions? We are there for you directly with answers


With FLEX, you can choose how to use Memoride. With the sensor included, you can use your own android tablet, login online and use "TAXIMODE" or purchase the hardware package at discounted pricing, to have the full set-up 

Get extra tablets with motionsensors per user, and use the extra credits to be divided among users. 

The Tablet allows the user to save to the tablets database, making every route free of charge after the first time cycling it