The START Memoride license is a yearly subscription that can be paid monthly or per year.  

This License allows you to log on to the Memoride platform and use the Memoride software.


Included in START is 1 organisation with 1 user. his means that there can be only 1 user on the platform either via laptop or via the Memoride tablet. 


The user gets 12,5km (equal to 50 minutes) for creating personalised cycling routes. 


These routes that are created, become part of a database on the Memoride tablet. This means that the next month, these routes will still be available, and will NOT cost extra kilometers/credits.  

WARNING: The database can only be created on a Memoride Tablet (Samsung A10) Please purchase a full setup here;  or buy extra tablets here


Price Options
Paid yearly
695,00€yearly/ auto-renew
Paid monthly
69,00€monthly/ auto-renew
    • 1 User 
    • Bluetooth motionsensor (free shipping)
    • 12,5km (50 minutes)  of cycling time per month
    • Create and save personalised routes 
    • Cycle through, over 160 preset routes, filtered by time
    • Acces to group events such as the "Memoride Tour the France" 
    • 24/7 chat support
    • OPTIONAL: with the purchase of a Memoride tablet - the user can create a database of previously created routes for free after the first time. 

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